New Song Lyric Posted: YOU AND ME

(1st Verse)

It’s amazing– all the places we haven’t been to– since I’ve been with you.

I’m not complaining– just explaining– I really miss you though I live with you.

It can be draining all this running around– let’s turn it around– get city bound.




Just you– just me– on the road–on the beach

No hype– no distractions.

With the sunrise– with the moon– with the wind– in our hair

In the city– in the country– all the places we love to be.


We’ve got time– let’s go take it– Just you– and me.


(2nd Verse)

I’ve been thinking we should be drinking Chablis on the beaches of Belize.

In an instant we could be flying over the mountains of Greece.

It can be draining all this running around– let’s turn it around– get country bound.





Let’s– take a chance.

Spark our romance.

Dance a new dance on the edge of life

While there’s still time.



About James

James Dore's debut CD “Private Party” has been turning heads at numerous fashion shows and upscale dance lounges though out the valley of the Sun and gained him the title, “Most featured artist” (for three months in a row) on KEUG, G105.5 FM Radio Oregon, were he was hailed as, “One of the best up and coming artist.” (The Tim Ryan Show Live) Dore' is currently working on his soon to be released album; BLAZE due to hit stores September 28th, 2010. In the words of platinum recording artist and Grammy award winner BeBe Winans, he describes James Dore’s music as, “Good music with integrity.”
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