New Song Lyric Post: WHY WE PRAY

(1st Verse)

Out there– past the horizon– lies the origin of dreams– unbelievable things.

Like water– falls from the mountains– we can get relief– from streams delivering–  release from burdens of this life– find answers falling from the skies– when we feel like nothings  going right—



We just let it go— Rising on the wind— destined to ascend— no need to pretend.

Loving all the peace— that comes from the release— There’s more than what is seen—

We capture every dream.


Let it all  go— We do this everyday— no matter what they say— Join the children, dance & play— Refreshing rushes in— a new way to begin— Blessings pave the way— This is why we pray— This is why we pray.


(2nd Verse)

Somewhere– we know there’s power– over everything– that causes broken dreams. Healing– comes from the Father– the light that we receive– burns away disease.  Concur like valiant fighting knights–find answers falling from the skies– when we feel like nothings  going right—



An ancient form of wireless communication— That brings the world into a celebration. Connect the earth into the spirit nation— Growing stronger we proceed— helping those in need— with the love that we receive.



About James

James Dore's debut CD “Private Party” has been turning heads at numerous fashion shows and upscale dance lounges though out the valley of the Sun and gained him the title, “Most featured artist” (for three months in a row) on KEUG, G105.5 FM Radio Oregon, were he was hailed as, “One of the best up and coming artist.” (The Tim Ryan Show Live) Dore' is currently working on his soon to be released album; BLAZE due to hit stores September 28th, 2010. In the words of platinum recording artist and Grammy award winner BeBe Winans, he describes James Dore’s music as, “Good music with integrity.”
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