10 Widgets to Make Your Website More Social

10 Widgets to Make Your Website More Social

Chris Bolton

Everybody loves web widgets: mini web applications that can be embedded almost anywhere. But with so many widgets out there, it’s hard to know which will enhance your website and engage your audience. Below are some of the most popular and social widgets available.

Note: Embedding a widget involves ‘cut, copy, and paste’ functions and a website that allows you to embed HTML code. If you are using HostBaby’s Site Builder, you can embed any of these widgets in your widget sidebar or directly on a page.

Facebook’s Like Button

The Like allows your visitors to see how many people “Like” you page. When clicked, it also sends a status update to the visitors’ Facebook page so their friends can see what they ‘Liked.’ This is a great and easy way to increase your visibility on Facebook. You can set up the Facebook “Like” button here.

Twitter Widgets

Twitter offers 4 widgets you can put on your website. The Profile Widget Displays your most recent Twitter updates, the Search Widget displays the twitter search results of your choosing, the Favs widget shows off your favorite tweets and the List Widget allows you to put your favorite Twitter users in a single feed. You can set up any of the four here.

Widgetbox RSS Widget

This Widget allows you to syndicate any blog feed right on your website. This could be your blog or simply a blog that you think your visitors will enjoy. This is a great way to constantly refresh your site with new content without lifting a finger.Build a RSS Widget here.

Google +1

Adding a +1 button allows your fans to give you a boost in search ranking (the boost is mostly noticible within the visitors’ Google network of friends, but that’s not a bad thing). Clicking the +1 also updates your Google+ status. You can get theGoogle +1 button here.

StumbleUpon Badge

Tap into a the rabid and numerous StumbleUpon users by encouraging them to ‘like” your page. The more people that like it, the more people will see it.StumbleUpon serves up random webpages based on user preferences. Warning: It’s very addictive. StumbleUpon Badge

StumbleUpon also just added a new widget that will showcase your favorite ‘stumbled’ websites. You can get that here.

Flickr Slideshow

If you use Flickr (or even if you don’t) you can embed any Flickr slideshow on your site. Simply navigate to the Flickr slideshow you want to embed, click the share menu. From there, grab the embed code or click “customize this HTML” if you want to specify the size of your slideshow. Grab the code and drop it into your website.

YouTube Videos

Never underestimate the power of video to make your website come alive. Sharing YouTube videos on your website will increase your views and hopefully your video “likes”. Don’t forget to encourage people to subscribe to your YouTube channel. In  order to embed a YouTube video on your site, simply click the ‘share’ button located below the YouTube video in question and then click “embed.” Copy the code and then paste it on the page you want the video to appear.

PayPal Donation Widget

Why not give your fans the opportunity to give you money for all your hard work? If you have a PayPal account, setting up a donation button is easy. You’ll find the widget creator under merchant services in your account at www.paypal.com. Don’t forget to send contributors a nice thank you note.

Wufoo Forms

With Wufoo forms you can create a submission or booking form, a survey, quiz or a questionnaire and embed it on your website.Go to wufoo.com to get started.


For the ultimate social experience set up a USTREAM feed and talk to your fans live on your website. USTREAM allows you to host live video on your website. Schedule a talk, concert, or performance and stream it on your website. Visitors will be able to interact with you live. You can embed any USTREAM channel on your website by using the embed button located beneath the video. www.Ustream.tv

Do you have a favorite widget you’d like to recommend? Let us know in the comments below.

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